This is my blog post for yesterday. I realized that I was so indecisive, and I got a headache. I am going to become a doctor, and there is nobody to stop me. I can’t sleep with no goals. I am also going to finish my apps and forget about them.


I am already healthy.

Hello again! Today I had a big epiphany! I realized that I already have good health habits. There was nothing wrong with my eating, hygiene, and work habits. I simply had them stored away in my brain. The only thing I need was some positivism! I already have really good habits! I just have to develop more habits!! HAHAHAHAHA

For every negative aspect, I replaced it with a positive aspect:

  1. I am not studying in school right now—>Time to develop a more positive mindset towards like without the business of school!
  2. I have bumps on my face—>I am a teenager and it is normal to have acne. It will become clearer. I promise!
  3. My stomach is a bit sore—> Time to develop good chewing habits πŸ™‚
  4. I don’t want to apply to transfer schools, let engineering—> Engineering is a good back up plan and it is the only way to apply and get into a good school and transfer!

It has been five months of bad habits of self-harm and hatred since October 4, 2017. Today is March 4, 2017. I am going to change my bad habits. Hi everyone! This is Joanne, and I just read an inspirational book about habits. I have a bad habit of eating until self-harm is inflicted. I am trying to change this bad habit, so I am making Β this blog accountable. I realize that sometimes I eat Doritos even though I do not want to, and I eat late at night even though it gives me mild heartburn. I also have perfectionist tendencies. The first bad habit I am going to tackle is my eating problem. I am going to make it so easy that I cannot fail. I am going to take it a day at a time. For my eating, these are the guidelines for tomorrow. I am going to up the anty for my other habits because I am not even at college right now. So better make the best use of my habits right now when there are less busy things in my life. :):

  • eat until satisfied but not uncomfortably full
  • junk food to a serving, no restrictions
  • drink 8 cups of water minimum.

breakfast, snack: 1 cup of cereal and 1 cutie, lunch, snack: 1 apple and a serving of peanuts dinner

NOTE: eat snacks if hungry, you do not have to eat if you don’t want to.

This is tomorrow’s plan and it is full proof. I can do it. Also today I will go to bed at 11. Whenever you have negative thoughts replace it with a positive one.

Tomorrow’s chain reaction of habits.

You already have good habits. Carry on them and don’t lose them. Like taking care of skin and hygeine and good work ethic.

8:00 Wake up. Drink 1/2 cup. Brush Teeth.

Drink Prune Juice. Drink 4 cups before lunch.

Hop into shower.

10:00- go to church

12:00-5:00 finish up Rice.

Drink 2 cups after lunch.

5:00 wash up face

Drink 2 cups after dinner.

I don’t care about results. Just maintain your habits. πŸ™‚




I really have nothing to do, so I will be doing a book review. This book was longer than what I expected. It had over 90 chapters. I was actually very satisfied with the ending because Cinder aka Princess Selene does not become the queen of Luna, but she converts the political system to a republic. I also liked how the book had a happy ending because I thought some of the characters were going to die. I was happy with the ending because Cinder unites with Kai. It was a long read, and I hope to increase my fantasy writing skills with this book.



What I ate today:

  • breakfast was healthy
  • then I ruined it with ramen
  • I should stop eating ramen. Only eat it when mom cooks it during emergencies.
  • I ate 2 apples. Remember an apple a day keeps a doctor away.
  • I cannot wait what I will eat for dinner. πŸ™‚